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Mental Health Benefits

We all know the surface level benefits of owning a home gym or garage gym. We can build up to our physical goals, maintain our progress, save money and time! But an often over looked benefit of a home gym are the mental health benefits. Staying mentally sharp improves our lives all around. We are able to be present and happy during time with our friends and family. We work through those things that would otherwise exile us to the couch. This improved mood and focus even increases our effectiveness at work and in difficult situations.

Financial Benefits

There are times I send people a quote for their home gym and the first response is sticker shock. After everything adds up, a typical home gym can cost between $3-5k with installation. We are real people with bills like everyone else so it's doesn't miss us that this is quite a price tag. But one of the oldest sayings in the fitness world is "Invest in yourself!" And that is exactly what a home gym is, an investment.