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Garage & Home Gym Design Services

Lonestar Gym Builders specializes in designing and installing custom home and garage gyms. Let us help you make your home gym dreams a reality by booking your free consultation today!

Why Work With Expert Home Gym Designers?

Custom-built garage gym with a green wall.

Lonestar Gym Builders is your one-stop-shop for all of your home gym design and building needs. From initial consultation, to design, to installation, and even giving recommendations on the optimal equipment and maintenance practices, we can help you achieve your home gym dreams.

Just as your home reflects your personality and lifestyle, your home gym should, too. Our home and garage gym design services are completely customized to fit not just the available space in your garage, but also your specific fitness needs and desires.

Lonestar Gym Builders firmly believes that everyone deserves to have their dream home gym – that’s why we offer financing options on all of our garage gym design and installation services. Click below to book your consultation today, or give us a call to discuss your goals further.

Artistic photo of a garage gym with a squat and weight rack.
Large custom home gym with weight belts, a squat rack, and floor mats.
Two members of the Lonestar Gym Builders team building a custom home gym.

Leading Equipment for Your Home Gym

We are able to fill your home gym space with a range of equipment from a variety of different manufacturers, including:

  • Bolt Fitness Supply – Bolt is a bulk supplier of high-quality commercial and residential gym equipment for fitness enthusiasts at a variety of levels.
  • Eleiko Sport – Eleiko Sport is WPPO, IPF, and IWF-certified, and maintains a strong focus on performance through safety, precision, and quality.
  • PRx Performance – PRx’s gym equipment is uniquely crafted to help users make the most of small spaces without sacrificing the quality, duration, and satisfaction of the workout.
  • REP Fitness – REP Fitness’ specialty is strength and conditioning equipment for commercial and residential fitness spaces.
  • Rogue Fitness – Rogue Fitness is a leading manufacturer of gym equipment, as well as an official sponsor of many well-known fitness competitions, such as the CrossFit® Games.

Our team of trained home gym installation professionals delivers, assembles, and installs all of your gym equipment – from the beginning of the process to the final walkthrough, we treat your space and each piece of equipment with the utmost care and respect.

Custom garage gym build by Lonestar Gym Builders.

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Home Gym Design Services FAQ

The cost of a home gym varies depending on several factors:
  • The size of the available space can impact how much and what type of equipment can be installed and storage solutions available.
  • Your unique needs and lifestyle may require additional modifications or adjustments to the design plan.
Lonestar Gym Builders offers free consultations prior to any of our home gym services – this allows us to give you a more specific estimate based on your space and requirements. Get in touch with us today to get started.

The most important part of a custom home gym is that it fits within your personality, lifestyle, and fitness goals. There’s no “standard” required size for a functional home gym, and Lonestar Gym Builders is happy to work with you to get your fitness journey started on the right foot.

Lonestar Gym Builders logo. A barbell and wrench crossed with a star on top.